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Spotlight on Stageline and its products

By Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

The need for innovation

The idea of creating a mobile infrastructure of this magnitude that is safer and more efficient was born in 2011 when the Montréal show producer Evenko approached the company called Stageline, located in L’Assomption, to design and produce an outdoor stage that could stand extreme weather conditions.

The challenge was huge and would require considerable technological and financial investments. The company then contacted Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions to support it financially in developing an initial prototype that would ultimately enable it to increase sales and launch into export markets.

The industry’s needs were pressing, and it required the proposal of an innovative alternative to existing products on the market that had certain safety deficiencies. Some major incidents had, in fact, shaken the outdoor show industry in early 2010. A solution had to be found fast, especially since safety standards governing the manufacture of outdoor infrastructures were non-existent.

The SAM750 revolutionizes the outdoor show industry

The SAM750 stage was installed on the Las Vegas Strip for over 2 months.

In 2013, Stageline launched the SAM750, the largest mobile stage ever manufactured. With its unique design, the SAM750 provides significant benefits in terms of safety, set-up and set design. Two years of research with a 100% Quebec technical and engineering team were required for developing the initial prototype.

With its self-supporting structure, there's no need to use cables to set it up or anchor it to the ground. With four tractor trailers and a few hydraulically and mechanically convertible components, Stageline can have a huge covered stage installed in record time (only 16 hours instead of the 40 to 50 hours usually needed). Built in accordance with the Canadian and U.S. building codes, the SAM750 is equipped with multiple safety features, including a mechanism for quick disassembly of the retractable awnings in case of strong wind. Its characteristics are impressive: 20 meters tall, resistant to wind strengths of 145 km/h and a load-bearing capacity of 75 tons, including a 15-ton screen holder. In addition, it has two cantilevered extension rigging beams, each of which can support 12.5 tons and can withstand 70,000 pounds of side thrust.

There are currently two SAM750 stages in existence, which required a total investment of $3 million. One of the stages is permanently located at the company's facilities in order to serve the markets of Quebec (particularly the Osheaga event), Ontario and the Eastern United States, while the other spends its winters in Las Vegas to serve the western part of the continent.

One of the famous telescopic pillars developed for the SAM750

Stages for all types of events

Even though the SAM750 is Stageline’s flagship product for major events, other stages are available to meet the needs of all types of events, from block parties to large events like Osheaga, at Jean Drapeau Park in Montréal.

The company has also launched its latest creation, the SAM575, a large stage measuring 15 metres by 12 metres that requires only one tractor trailer and can bear a 94-ton load.

[translation] “We are recognized for manufacturing mobile stages that can stand weather and other extreme conditions typical of outdoor events”, said Yvan Miron, Stageline’s CEO. “This is why the producer Evenko asked us to design an innovative, efficient, safe solution. There is currently an overall need for the use of this type of stage within the industry, and it is with this in mind that we designed the SAM750.”

Founded in 1987 by Yvan Miron, Stageline is the first company in the world to have designed and manufactured covered hydraulic mobile stages. Established in L’Assomption, Stageline employs 145 people between two production sites. Stageline’s mobile stages are used every year for roughly 15,000 events in 45 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand. Stageline has earned multiple awards, including Stage Company of the Year, in 2014, for the SAM750 stage.

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