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VanillaSoft’s competitive edge

By Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Team of salesperson

The telephone prospecting and selling sector has been experiencing dramatic growth for several years. In fact, its size increases by 7.5% per year, versus 0.5% for the traditional selling sector. This provides interesting business opportunities for businesses that, like VanillaSoft, market technologies for increasing the productivity of professionals responsible for identifying or pulling in new clients remotely.

VanillaSoft’s competitive advantage

The client relations management platform designed and marketed by VanillaSoft stands apart from its competitors’ products in various ways. In particular, it is accessible on the Web as utility software (therefore, companies without a lot of technical expertise can use it with ease). It operates with any phone system. And the organizations that adopt it can clearly define the rules for selecting the next phone number that each inside salesperson should call because optimizing the choice of prospects guarantees that the most promising sales lead will be explored.

In December 2014, the magazine CIO Review put VanillaSoft on the list of the 20 most promising contact center solution providers in the world.

[Translation] “With VanillaSoft,” indicates David Hood, President and CEO of the SME, “the average organization achieves a productivity gain that is 30% to 100% higher than what it was achieving with a conventional client relations management tool.” That explains why the Outaouais SME already has roughly 600 customers worldwide, including a number of large US companies, in sectors such as finance, insurance, real estate and education.

VanillaSoft increases its international competitiveness

The contribution provided by Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) enabled VanillaSoft to upgrade its technology and expand into Australia, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

[Translation] “We formed a partnership with CounterPath, a Vancouver business that markets an IP softphone, which is an application that makes it possible to make or receive calls with a computer. This win-win alliance enabled us to add features to our product that were sought by clients," explains Mr. Hood.

[Translation] "The support from CED also helped us increase our marketing activities,” continues the CEO. “For example, we’ve become a 'Gold Partner' of a major event that the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) holds every year in Chicago: the Inside Sales Leadership Summit. We introduced our technology there, along with the results of a study by the Telfer School of Management of the University of Ottawa that confirms the quality of our approach. Over 350 people attended that gathering, all potential buyers.” It is actions of this kind that explain why VanillaSoft’s sales grew by 40% in the United States in 2015.

VanillaSoft and CED: A lasting relationship

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions had previously supported VanillaSoft. In fact, notes David Hood, [translation] “the Agency has been by our side since the very beginning. Without the tremendous support they gave us 10 years ago, at the start-up stage, we would never have established our headquarters in Quebec, and most of our employees would be based today in the United States.”

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