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Dialogue 2018: Roundtables on growth and innovation

By Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) moderated three multiregional thematic round tables in 2018 to continue the dialogue with its partners. The goal was to validate the four priorities and the 14 targeted actions set out in the Federal Strategy on Innovation and Growth for the Quebec Regions.

The Strategy’s four priorities are as follows: Innovation and Clean Tech, Growth and Exports, Entrepreneurial Talent, and Growth for Everyone in all Regions.

A total of 100 economic development players from different Quebec regions accepted the invitation. They were from various backgrounds and were representative of Canada's diversity: entrepreneurs, members of the academic community, representatives of non-profit organizations in economic development, young people, women, Indigenous people, members of visible minorities and federal partners.

The participants discussed the importance and prioritization of the targeted actions in implementing the Strategy. They concluded that the Federal Strategy’s four priorities are interdependent and necessary to drive and foster innovation and inclusive growth.

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