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Summary of the Quebec Economic Development Program (QEDP) Evaluation

By Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

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Publication author : Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

ISBN number : 978-0-660-26893-4

Catalog number : lu90-4/60-2018E-PDF

Publish date : August 24, 2018

Summary :

This report presents an overview of our principal achievements described in our Evaluation of the Quebec Economic Development Program (QEDP).


QEDP quick facts
  • The QEDP aims to support the development of businesses throughout their life cycle, and to support the economic development of regions and communities to increase Quebec’s economic growth.
  • The QEDP is divided into three intervention pillars: (a) Business Development; (b) Regional Economic Development; and (c) Strengthening Community Economies.
  • The QEDP’s activities include funding projects focused on business creation and start up, innovation, productivity, commercialization and export, network structuring, community economic facilities, and promotion of regional assets.
  • From 2012–2013 to 2015–2016:
    • 2,098 projects were supported (excluding initiatives that received dedicated funding); and
    • $740.2 million was spent, including $658.3 million in grants and contributions.

About the evaluation

What the evaluation found

Recommendations and management responses

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