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By Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) encourages the development of Côte-Nord business communities by directly assisting this region’s businesses with their projects. CED also helps the organizations that support those businesses.

Côte-Nord serves a territory whose is economy is primarily based on large corporation mining production. The forestry, bio-food and tourism sectors also contribution to the region’s economic growth.

Service location

Côte-Nord Business Office

Tel.: 1-800-561-0633
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Our partners in Quebec

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Our regional partners

Consult our network of partners
Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) - Côte-Nord

Côte-Nord CFDC
Tel.: 418-962-7233 - 1-877-962-7233

Manicouagan CFDC
Tel.: 418-296-6956

Haute-Côte-Nord CFDC
Tel.: 418-233-3495

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Has the lead federal role in managing Canada’s fisheries and safeguarding its waters.

Tel.: 418-962-6314 – 1-800-463-1729

Centre d'expérimentation et de développement en forêt boréale (CEDFOB) - (french only)

Carry out research and development on the boreal forest’s sustainable enhancement, use and transformation and promote the monitoring and transfer of technology to all enterprises and organizations involved in the forestry industry.

Tel.: 418-295-2240 – 1-800-463-2030

Développement économique Sept-Îles (french only)

Promote the municipality’s attractions and advantages to investors so as to foster its economic development and improve the quality of life in Sept-Îles.

Tel.: 418-962-7677

Commerce International Côte-Nord

Support and coaching for exporting SMEs to enable them to grow on international markets.

Tel.: 418-589-5028 – 1-866-589-5028

Québec maritime

Marketing of North Shore, Lower St Lawrence, Gaspé and Magdalen Islands tourism products on international markets.

Corporation de développement économique de la région Port-Cartier (CDE)

Tel.: 418-766-8383

Coasters' Association

Aim to advance the purposes of the people of the Lower North Shore through publications, advocacy, and programs in education, health, economic development and community services.

Tel.: 418-379-2006

Association touristique régionale de Manicouagan

Tel.: 418-294-2876 – 1-888-463-5319 Quebec

Tourisme Duplessis

Tel.: 418-962-0808 – 1-888-463-0808

Conférence régionale des élus de la Côte-Nord (CRÉ) - (french only)

Coordinate regional stakeholders, provide advice to government and establish a five-year Côte-Nord development plan.

Baie-Comeau office
Tel.: 418-296-5781 – 1-877-463-5781

Sept-Îles office
Tel.: 418-962-0290 – 1-866-962-0290

Centre d'aide technologique aux entreprises de la Côte-Nord (CATECN) - (french only)

Supports SMEs in improving their expertise and developing new products or procedures.

Institut technologique de maintenance industrielle (ITMI) - (french only)

Carrying out industrial maintenance information, technical support and applied research operations for the benefit of Quebec businesses.

Tel.: 418-962-9848

Centres locaux de développement (CLD) - Côte-Nord

CLD de la Basse-Côte-Nord

Tel.: 418-787-2125

CLD de la Haute-Côte-Nord
Tel.: 418-233-3230

CLD de la MRC de Caniapiscau
Tel.: 418-287-3506

CLD de la MRC de Sept-Rivières
Tel.: 418-962-7242

CLD Minganie
Tel.: 418-538-3803

Innovation et développement Manicouagan
Tel.: 418-295-2593

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