Application for financial assistance


The initial priority period for applications to the Steel and Aluminum Initiative ended April 8, 2019, with the total value of the applications received exceeding investments available under this fund. Applications received by April 8 are now being assessed on a priority basis, as announced at the launch of the fund. Applications may still be submitted for the fund, but those received before April 9 will be given priority.

Steel and aluminium initiative


  • We recommend that you consult the Applicant's Guide before completing the form.
  • You have a 12-hour session to complete the form
  • Do no use dots or commas in numeric fields, round up as needed (ex:5000)
  • Refer to the Applicant Guide for instructions on completing the application form and the eligibility criteria located at : or by phone at the following toll free number 1-833-282-6851.
  • Please complete the form, print it and send the original signed by the authorized person*, at the following address : Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions , Inter-regional Initiatives Directorte, 800 René-Lévesque West Blvd., Suite 500, Montréal, Quebec H3B 1X9.
  • The information you provide will be handled in accordance with the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.
  • *Authorized person is one who, legally, can commit the client by approving official documents such as contribution agreements, as well as any amendments, declarations or claims under these documents. It may be a director registered in the Registre des entreprises du Québec (REQ), such as the president, a vice- president, the secretary or any person who has received this authorization via a mandate letter, a resolution of the board of directors or an internal delegation of authority.

STEP 1 : The following program eligibilty questions must be answered before you may apply for funding under this program initiative.

Does steel and/or aluminum represent 20% or more of your company’s overall input costs (cost of goods sold)?
Does your enterprise employ between 10 and 499 employees full time ?
Will your project have or exceed 334 000 $ in eligible costs ?
The financial statements for the last three (3) years of your company and the proposed project plan will be sent by email to : <a href=""></a> or by mail to the above noted address at the beginning of the form within <b>two (2) working days</b> of sending the form?

  • The type of acceptable financial statements are: audited, review engagement, notice to the reader or certified by the Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer of the company, if the company does not have a Chief Financial Officer.
  • N.B.: For documents sent by post, the post office seal will be proof that the deadline has been met.
If you answered « no » to any of these questions, you do not qualify for funding under this program initiative and the application form must not be completed or sent. If you answered « yes » to all of the above- noted questions in step 1, you may proceed to step 2.

STEP 2 : Information to include ( If you run out of space on the form, you can submit more information in your email or by mailing it within the two working day deadline noted above.)

If you do not have a BN, enter : 999999999

Type of organization : Is the applicant a subsidiary ?
Same address as the organization
Same address as the organization
Same as authorized person
Please indicate if your enterprise is led, or majority led by under-represented groups (see definitions at the end of the form) by checking the relevant categories below : <b>The information for this question on the form is provided on a voluntary basis, but could be considered as a priority factor in the analysis of your file.</b>

Number of Employees in Canada at the signing of this form:

Has your company received government funding in the last five (5) years from either federal, provincial or municipal sources ?
What percentage of your firm’s input costs (cost of goods sold) does steel and/or aluminum represent?

Provide a brief description of the main objectives of the project
Provide a brief description of the expected outcomes
List the main activities being undertaken to complete the project
The project is a priority for the company and is part of a strategic plan to advance or secure the business?
Management is ready to commit the necessary business resources to enact the project plan?
If approved for support funding, the balance of financing required for the project is already secured?
There is already a clear, established and fully authorized project plan in place to proceed?
Provide an estimate of total project costs in Canadian dollars using the table below:
* Note : The project must be completed on or before March 31st, 2020.
Describe the benefits to your business that will result from the project, i.e. impact on sales, employment retained or created etc.
Secure or Increase domestic sales?
Secure or Increase foreign sales?
Improved products or services?
Jobs created or maintained?
Secures or creates Intellectual Property
The completion of the project may result in innovation benefits. Choose all that apply and provide supporting explanation for each item separately ( please see the different innovation definitions in the Guide).

Good or service innovation is the market introduction of a new or significantly improved good or service with respect to its capabilities, user friendliness, components or sub-systems.

Good or service innovations (new or improved) must be new to your enterprise, but they do not need to be new to your market. Good or service innovations could have been originally developed by your enterprise or by other enterprises.

Good or service innovation
A process innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved production process, distribution method, or support activity for your goods or services.

Process innovations must be new to your enterprise, but do not need to be new to your market.

The innovation could have been originally developed by your enterprise or by other enterprises.

Process innovation
An organizational innovation is a new organizational method in your enterprise's business practices including knowledge management, workplace organization or external relations that has not been previously used by your enterprise.

Organizational innovations must be the result of strategic decisions taken by management.

Exclude mergers or acquisitions, even if for the first time.

Organizational innovation
A marketing innovation is the implementation of a new marketing concept or strategy that differs significantly from your enterprise's existing marketing methods and which has not been used before.

Marketing innovations require significant changes in product design or packaging, product placement, product promotion or pricing.

Exclude seasonal, regular and other routine changes in marketing method.

Marketing innovation

Detail how the project will result in additional public benefits.

Will this project benefit your local community?
Will the project have tangible environmental benefits?
Will the project provide training opportunities for your workers?
Will the project result in new business or research collaborations?

To the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec (hereinafter "the Agency"),

I, the undersigned, _________________________ a person duly authorized by _________________________, (legal name) (hereinafter the "client") undertake and certify the following:

I undertake to disclose any other other government assistance or financial assistance requested or received for the project, as well as any other government assistance or financial assistance requested or received for a similar project by a company with which the client has a non-arm’s-length relationship within the meaning of section 251 of the Income Tax Act (R.S.C. (1985), c 1 (5th Sup)..

An incurred cost relates to a commitment made to a supplier of goods or services. The costs thus incurred are incurred as from the date of the agreement of will between the Customer and the supplier (e.g. contract to hire a new resource, purchase order for new equipment, service contract with a supplier). If "yes", specify the value and type of costs already incurred.

Have you ever incurred costs with a supplier of goods or services for this project
(If yes, these costs are ineligible for the financing of your project).

The Agency must ensure that lobbyists and their clients understand and comply with the federal government Lobbying Act, R.S.C. (1985), c 44 (4th Sup) .

I attest that the client

Please indicate whether you have any pending legal proceedings

I attest that the client
Please inform us if you have received a formal or informal notice informing you that you may have contravened an Act of regulation or that you are in breach of an Act or regulation with regard to your project.

I hereby authorize the Agency to proceed with any consultation or verification, in particular with suppliers, financial institutions, accounting firms, funding agencies, credit agencies and any government agencies, that it deems necessary to assess the application for financial assistance or the administration ans follow-up of any resulting contribution agreement, and I agree to the parties contacted disclosing the information requested.

I also authorize the Agency to disclose the information in its possession with regard to the client and the project to other government departments and agencies.

I understand to provide the Agency, at no charge, without delay and in the form requested, with any information required to complete the evaluation of the application for financial assistance. Lastly, I attest that the information provided in the application and all the documentation provided is complete, truthful and accurate.

Name of authorized person:_________________________

Signature : ____________________________________

Date : ____________________________________

Important note

Please print this document before submitting your application and mail the original, duly signed by the authorized person, to the following address:

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
Business Development and Infrastructure
800 René-Lévesque West BLVD., Suite 500
Montréal, Quebec H3B 2T9

All the information on your business or project created, retained or collected by Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

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